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untitled poem by Racheli Glasser, Proud Moma of Four

It was a photo in a message that wisped me back to years before
I almost didn’t recognize the person gazing back
My smile had reached my eyes in a carefree style
My body looking fit
untainted by life
As I scan my new body
now fifteen years past
not a resemblance remains
Two scars etched above my right knee,
a permanent memory seared into my skin of the mountains I climbed with friends
My thighs and my stomach with more stretch marks than not, a c-section scar that still lacks sensation
A thick ring of extra skin accumulated from the weight loss and gains,
hanging loosely over my clothes
The stomach that had carried and birthed four wonderous children.
Breasts that are sagging from sustaining four lives, forever marked, by their success
A deep scar from my ring finger down through my hand as a souvenir from my mountain biking adventures
Wrinkles chiseled around my eyes from laughter and smiles
Creases in my forehead from worry
I gaze at that photo with my perfect body that had not yet lived
I then gaze down at my self
havocked by years
give a blessing of thanks
To my beautiful

for more information on the work, brilliance and lifestyle of the poet – please contact: rglasser312@gmail.com



photography by Peter Slater

Please offer a warm welcome in the comments or by reaching out to this talented, mindful artist – directly.

This month, I am honored to introduce to the Reframed world, the wise-angled point of view of Peter Slater. Peter is self-described as “retired” from the world of Sports and Leisure Management, living latterly across the pond from my US digs, in Newcastle upon Tyne. The “retired” in quotes, as he appears to be in the middle of a budding artistic career. Photography has been his means to express his interests in the natural world, particularly birds. He also has a keen interest in music and art.

I am grateful to learn of his refreshing and soulful perspective via the Instragram-Community. He is located via @pasjest510.

While you’re there, send me a hello at my budding platforms @jesshonig and @reframeyourartistry, and share your work via #reframeyourartistry to continue growth of a budding mindful artists’ movement capturing moments of compassion for self, other, and the planet.


Please join me in congratulating Patrick Sullivan, a multi-talented woodcarver, baker, and fine artists – and all around kind hearted human. Above is his latest meditation on the details. Says the work took about an hour of contemplation to complete.

Mollie. Pause.

Please check out this talented, mindful artist – Mollie Allen, featured February 7-28, 2019 at Chester County Art Association. An artist’s Q &A takes place Thursday, February 21st at 6pm. Mollie is a primary muse for the book, Reframe Your Artistry, and an inspiration to me as both human and artist. This featured piece is aptly titled, “Pause.”


“Reassembled Butterfly,” by Laura Martin. Laura is a social worker and artist in the Philadelphia area. It is a pleasure to witness her commitment to social justice and growth for self and other. In this piece, Laura reassembled scraps of paper toward a beautiful new whole.