TOOL #3: Good Habits Marry Vision.


Good habits: thoughts and actions that align with healthy vision

IE –

  • show-up
  • routine
  • try out new artistic food groups


Vision: imagine the little, middle, and big things that fuel a better you, me and humanity


  • know your point of view
  • offer your point of view with compassion
  • spread your wings and fly

Many of us lean in one direction or the other – good habiter v. visionary; finding ourselves more often in the good habit school or the visionary school. As an adult artist, consider a practice that combines rather than ignores one or the other. Julia Cameron is a champion of the Morning Pages brand, waking up and downloading with pen and paper, from the heart and intuition. I think that’s a lovely place to start.

Today, instead of asking yourself what kind of good habits can I bring to my art making? Or, what is my vision? Try asking the question: what moments marry both? In addition to Morning Pages, consider a few other examples:

  • daily, tweet a meme that represents your artistic platform
  • right before lunch, grab a scrap of paper and add it to a collective collage
  • every week, try out a new mode of art making.

You are the constant. You are the most important tool. Now take your tools, apply some good habits and vision, and VOILA, welcome back to your artistry.

Take a few minutes now to apply the energy inspired by this blog to your art making.

And please, Free yourself to Play with whatever scraps or creative energy you are drawn to today; Frame Yourself Just as You Are…that is beautiful.

Submit inspired photography, sound, or writing for the Mindful Art portion of this blog. Please send work to If you wish for further exposure, include a brief bio and any links to your own art making platform. Emailed information and art work, unless specified, will be assumed material for exposure on this blog.

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