Tool #4: Celebrate True Love.

Share the coworker love…

She walked into the office the same time I did, we’re both – usually – running behind. A chorus around us said they’re as different as any coworkers can be.

They said they seem so different, they will hate each other.

Together, we found true love.

Eight years later, I celebrate the longest standing (office) marriage of my life. Boisterous to my stoic, dark skinned to my blotchy light, and takings turns – optimistic to the other’s dread, we have sat beside one another to produce a product of care; social workers continuing the good fight.

I woke this morning, as I am on the brink of changing jobs. I thought about my coworker true love. I see her heart of gold, it is the stuff that transforms people. I see her determination, and in difficult times, it is the stuff that keeps going.

I see her beauty. And I am inspired. She will forever be a muse, for me, of genuine goodness. Her laugh lingers long after I leave her, her heart radiates so boldly I want to do the right thing too…even if it means, I cannot sit beside her right now. Though she can’t always be right there with me, going forward, the image of our love is in my heart.

Take a moment, in my coworker’s honor, to envision a person who has inspired you.

Take that energy of love, or pretend to wear their shoes for a moment, and allow this inspiration to spark a work of beauty for the world today.

Frame yourself, frame your relationships, just as things are, for that is beautiful.

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