Got Art Anxiety?


  • Avoidance of art making
  • Frozen by fearing how others will perceive art
  • Disengaged from a true self, uninspired by current tools that exist
  • Excessive pressure on any one artistic project or point in time
  • Stuck in standards for a specific artistic genre or memory of past performances
  • List shoulds rather than actions or thoughts that do
  • Unproductive negative beliefs of self as a capable artist


Stick with the Reframe Your Artistry community and prompt by prompt, moment by moment, take back your artistry.

Begin again with a reframed outlook:

  • Playful approaches
  • Laugh at yourself, often and whenever possible
  • Try on new artistic genres
  • Show-up
  • Try, try, try, again
  • Pause
  • Begin again


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