Thirty Day Thaw Out: JUMP!

Thinking about jumping? Believe in yourself (when you’re ready).

In the spirit of taking risks, following through, and being true – my intention this week, join me as I – JUMP! That’s right, one word this week, JUMP.

Merriam Webster (love to look up definitions, don’t you?), well, Ms. Merriam defines jump, “to spring into the air.”

Jump made me reach for an elixir with fresh, idealistic-twentysomething-grad-studentyness. So, I skimmed back through my Maxine Greene’s Releasing the Imagination: Essays on Education, the Arts and Social Change and opened to page 14. Maxine Greene is a New Yorker’s NY’er, I suppose; part academic, part artist, part avant-gardist, part anarchist. Most any page in her masterpiece is quite quotable. Page 14 she wrote, “It takes imagination… to perceive openings…”

The…here she refers to as imagination in young people. But I like to think … holds space for anyone with young at heart capabilities. She goes on to encourage teachers and students alike to consider energy that honors what can be taught as well as that which is interpreted and perceived from a fresh angle. Even as I summarize her concepts, I can only own my own personal reading of her material…and goodness knows I’m so locked inside my head, so in love with being in love with being off the mark that I’ve either misrepresented her here, or perhaps I have offered her to you, exactly as she has asked…somewhere in between a lesson and a rebellion.

This week, digest an audacious intention: Jump in whatever direction, then go up and down and all around, and flow with the momentum. It will set you free.

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And please, free yourself to JUMP into whatever scraps or creative energy you are drawn to today and this week. Frame yourself just as you are…that is beautiful.

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