Artists Frame the World.



Artists frame the world. How will you frame yours, today?

From photographs contained only by byte sizes, to epic trilogies that span continents, oceans, heavenly bodies, and the onions in between, art captures the stuff that matters. And then there’s all that stuff one might have missed had artists not presented it; think Sponge Bob Square Pants or a day in the life in Compton.

Consider these steps as you frame your artistry and the world:

  1. Awareness from within, including:
  • Thoughts including ideas, point of view, or representation
  • Feeling purposeful, a mighty force moving outwardly
  • Sensations recognized as a spark or tap on the shoulder to create something
  1. Open up:
  • Actions that represent our inner world, authentic as possible
  • Either private or public, allow thoughts, feelings, and sensations the space and time to surface
  1. Extending beyond our personal space:
  • Showing up for like-minded community
  • Share with an audience
  • Vulnerable to feedback or critique from a diverse community
  • Vulnerable to new experiences, despite the discomfort
  1. Circle back around:
  • Through mindfulness, notice people and nature just as they are, slowing reactivity and expanding gratitude
  • Honor impermanence and imperfection of all natural forces, finding and sharing peace of mind throughout your artistry, community, and planet
  • Be open to the return of energy from nature and other compassionate souls, sending productive energy as often as possible to struggling nature and souls.

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