Loving Tilted Frames


Locate a tilted frame. Intend to marvel. We all have one nearby. Some of us are more comfortable letting them be. Before you supposedly “fix it” (DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH IT), sit back, relax, and marvel. MARVEL, yeah, MARVEL, that’s what I said. Quiet the rest of your mind and follow along:


Intend to marvel just as the frame situates. Pause and take it all in from a fresh point of view.


Find yourself in a comfortable posture, lengthening your spine to channel new energy. Prompt yourself to carry on steady breathing. Do not force your breathing, remember like your artistry, mindfulness is a human practice of let it be not be perfect. From this posture, notice the frame. At first, you may fixate on the tilt. You may want to fix it based on how you’ve learned most others like it should be. Let it be, instead. Stay as still as possible. All you are doing is looking at the frame.


Redirect your energy from tilts and shoulds. What else do you notice about the frame? Ornate or subtle design? Smooth or coarse texture? Take a good look at what’s inside the frame.


Thoughts, feelings, physical sensations may pull you from your intention. Practice self-compassion and do not judge nor force personal experiences away. However, like clouds, allow them to pass and come back to the intention of noticing the tilted frame. Intentions are the blue sky constant, same as flight, eventually we move through the clouds and clarity returns.


The frame is permission not to fix or fixate, letting go of what doesn’t matter, pausing long enough to sit with what does.

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