Begin again.



How do we begin again?

It’s a time of year, and arbitrary energy, and an opportunity (sometimes in disguise). For some, it is an understandably brutal challenge. We crave the familiar before we crave new and challenging breakthroughs.

I have been absent from, for instance, writing for this blog for a month. I took a pause to work on a children’s story. I find that returning, I am aware of resistance. The pause did me good, of course, but in this moment – all it seems to have done if remove me from momentum.

Ah, then I think of physics. That bottled up pause turns into a pop. Discomforts are merely a cue that what you do need is reawakening. The New Year is exactly the time to take stock of what has been neglected and to begin again, fresh, in this moment.

Don’t you dare skip ahead, too far along, toward a destination. It’s easy to compare when thinking how ridiculous it might be to plan the next holiday season other than imagining the possibilities. Like next holiday season, imagine, but do not predict. Instead, redirect energy into the small ways you can experience magic and purposefulness, right now.

Begin again. Every subtle movement counts. You have to begin somewhere.

And back to physics, yeah, there’s that classic principle: “A body at rest will stay at rest…”

So, ever so gently, wake her back up.

4 thoughts on “Begin again.

  1. Thank you for your inspiration for new beginnings. I am brand new to blogging and learned much from this post. Sometimes just saying what you have experienced can be a great read!


    1. Thanks for your kind words, Dory. I am excited to follow your blog! Someone as kind hearted as you convey yourself to be, will be someone to learn much from! Grateful, Jess


      1. Wow, I love your Point of View…just read some of your blogging. Any suggestions? Well, I think you have great instincts. So trust them. And I wonder if you have any suggestions on playful and simple tips to engage girls in construction themed projects? My toddler daughter loves construction work and I want to keep that pilot light going…you rock! JQ


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