A Merry Mindful Holiday Season to You!

As we move into the holiday season, many of us are swirling with mixed emotions that trace back to childhood.

Regardless of detail from our lived experience – we may feel excitement, hope, intrusive bad memories, hurt, loneliness, and anger.

Your emotional space is your sacred subjective world. Be mindful of what comes up this month, hold your lived experience in a sacred zone of validation and then get curious about what thoughts, feelings, sensations and actions you choose (with clarity) to carry forward in this moment. This is your moment.

‘Tis the Season…for Centerpieces



I’d like to think I’m Martha Stewart, after all – she’s a fellow Seven Sister. And yet, my craft-a-bilitiez-ness could not be further from her skill set. Maybe I had to invent Reframe Your Artistry to appease my ego.

That said, I do try to come up with some festive activities on the weekend (to pass the time), engaging my toddler (and entertaining myself), while my partner usually works the weekend shift and I’m a weekend-single-mom.

#marriedprivilagePOVstatement…realizing that is disrespectful to the full-time-single parents, out there… 

Okay so, after watching a delightful episode of Creative Galaxy, my daughter and I wanted to fill clear containers with stuff. Any stuff? I dunno…I figured I’d get seasonal. So, here is our attempt, and feel free to replicate:




Voila, find a clear (kinda clean) container.




Toss some mini-LED lights inside. We allllll seem to have a set of these hanging around, this time of year, and are like – WHAT DO I DO WITH THESE LIL THANGS?




Oh, collect tree stumps? Me too.




Find some pine, add to taste – and voila!

Note to parents: in the proceeding weeks since said centerpiece entered our kitchen, my dear daughter – who refers to it as her Jungle Jar – has added random pieces of play-doh, a gingerbread man, and a few acorns. And, it still looks delightful, heading into the final stretch of ‘Tis the Season…for Centerpieces.

Go, be creative! What scraps and seasonal-what-have-yous surround your space? Make something imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete…cause that, my fellow art-iste…is good enough.

Happy Holidays….from Reframe Your Artistry.

And re: the RYA BOOK…PS, got delayed a few weeks, due out December 17th (currently available through the Publisher – Prodigy Gold Books and Amazon…and bookstores, by spring 2020)…