mindful art making 101


Photo 12

What do I mean by mindful?

Awareness and engagement in the present moment.

Aka, show-up. All of you, show-up! And pay attention. Showing up and paying attention are the key ingredients to mindfulness. Rainbow sprinkles would be the compassion, and I like to add a dash of humor, too. Lucky for you, we are living in an era that values mindfulness. You were meant to be alive, right now, after all! You were meant to make art, right now! The art world often leads the path of modernization and is just the place for mindfulness to build its nest. Many artists do it without labeling it, and many stuck artists could benefit from its application. Artists crave mindfulness, despite and maybe because of the social media and highly subjective world in which it situates, despite and maybe because of too much reactivity and terror of our current world. For many, mindfulness may feel like a foreign language at first. Remember how you learn a language? Basics and practice! Immersion.

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