Art Pollution v. Mindful Art

We cloud ourselves with unproductive messages, most of which fall under categories like expectations, memories, and judgments. These are responses to the past, future, or other people’s standards and have little to do with who we are, right now. Think of the past, future, and someone else’s point of view as art pollution.



Art Pollution: Rigid beliefs over intuition

Mindful Art: Playful and inspired by our true self, nature, or available materials



Art pollution gets in the way of healthy art making. Instead, seize whatever you have, now, in fresh ways. Look up at the ceiling or observe nature. Regather a sense of what’s going on with your own being. Combine compassionate ways of noticing and experiencing your world to dilute art pollution.

Maximize this unique point in history to create art-whatever! Mindful art deserves more influence than anything that a particular school of thought or social trend provides. Mindful art means that it is authentic (ie, from a pure source of personal experiences, honest physical states, or natural phenomenon), and it is inherently beautiful by association.

2 thoughts on “Art Pollution v. Mindful Art

  1. By God, I absolutely love those words, “art pollution!” They are a perfect and humorous label for all the crap that floats through our minds as we attempt to create even the simplest thing…thanks for your helpful ideas Jess!



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