Change Your Frame of Reference, Change Your World.


Bananas, by Brenda Honig

Your mind might go in any which direction with art. Some see what is before them with an explicit lens. Bananas are bananas. However, with the gift of art: you may see way past the the surface (and come back again, to it, if you want).

This is a painting conveying bananas and to people open to the representational frames of reference it also conveys intimacy and sensuality. Representational frames of reference create a narrative. The narrative is a tango between the image, the imagination of the audience, and the boundless freedom of interpretation.

Be an explorer, let me know what you see. There is no right or wrong, again – to me – the beauty and healing power of the arts.

Today, I challenge you to create something that has surface meaning and infinite meaning and no meaning, at all.

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