Avoiding Your Artistry?



Vent in need of cleaning? v. Black hole of rediscovery?

If You Currently Avoid Art Making:

Allow nature, just as it is, to inspire. A blade of grass has masterpiece potential. Refrain, respond, or repurpose nature for simple avenues back to creativity.  Allow for imperfection throughout your artistic and non-artistic moments. Cheer yourself onward through coffee spills,  painting smudges, or social snafus.



Breaking News:

We are humans, and by nature of being a human, we are imperfect. Mistakes do not make us less valuable. Rather, they affirm exactly who we are, with all our natural human potential. Feel inspired by mistakes, as often as possible. Mistakes are teachable moments or discoveries in the making.



Allow impermanence to remind you that every moment ends and leads to a new moment. As mindful artists, we do not have to feel trapped by any one project or style. Lessen the pressure on any one moment and, subsequently, quiet the avoidance meter.

Allow incompleteness to guide you back to previously abandoned projects. Or take a break from a project deciding at some future moment if it is beautiful just as it is or needs some TLC.

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