Mindful Artists, Brave-gentlemen Warriors

With enthusiasm and pride, I wish to celebrate the art of two young gentlemen: Javier and Antwone.

At the Reframe Your Artistry Workshops, featuring the Next Gen, these radiant souls surely did shine.

Javier showed up with perfect attendance and ideas plus supplies galore.

Antwone, often begrudgingly showed up – to appease mom or brother – though, regardless of what got him there, he made his presence known when he did.

Their works speak for themselves.

As we celebrate works in progress, this week, in a reframed artistic world, let’s look up to these young role models. They exemplify how to show up, and show back up, no matter the glitz and glamour that may or may not surround our creativity. Instead, as they model best, it is time to listen to the wise ones, expressing themselves with authentic voice and vision.

Fall on the Wall, by Javier – who gathered then encased in a repurposed frame, leaves of the present season; he regularly re-uses the frame to feature pines around the holidays or hearts in February.

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